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Domoteck Folder
Domoteck Folder contains basic information about radiant floor heating and the summary of all Domoteck products, divided into the following categories : WarmTouch for bathroom and small areas, WarmTouch for standards and large areas, snow melting, hydronic floor heating, comfort appliances, and thermostats.
WarmTouch for standards and large areas
Domoteck manufactures electric warming cables and mats adapted for home improvement as well as for new construction projects. Mats are available in a variety of sizes (from 1ft to 2.5ft) to cover the entire surface in an easy way. Whatever the flooring material, either tiled, natural stones, carpet, wooden flooring or laminates, we can offer you a suitable floor warming system
WarmTouch for bathroom and small areas
Domoteck manufactures mats in width of 1ft, 1.5ft, especially for small areas, such as bathroom or kitchen. Loose heating cables are also available for awkward and complex areas. Domoteck can provide you with the ideal warming system that suits your needs perfectly.
Domoteck mats and cables for small areas are tested in accordance with UL and CSA to be installed in accordance to NEC.
Snow-melting products
A range of snow melting and de-icing cables and mats is also available for outdoor applications. It is possible to install a floor heating system under your driveway, in front of your walkways, under pavements, or even on your stairs or your walks outdoors to prevent the formation of ice and snow in front of your home. These snow removal systems give you the security of a dry outdoor floor and avoid unpleasant accidents due to the presence of ice or snow.
You can also install UV protected heating cables on the roof of your home, and in your gutters for snow melting applications and to prevent the formation of ice.
Hydronic systems (HVAC)
We offer various hydronic acclimatization systems to heat in winter and cool in summer. Our hydronic floor heating systems can be combined with a new type of fan coils based on water (not air) for the summer. These systems keep almost constant temperature in your home all year round, without air circulation or drying the air.
Comfort appliances
Domoteck also offers a variety of appliances to improve your comfort in the bathroom : fog free mirror and different types of towel dryers are available. Domoteck has thought of everything!
Domoteck offers a range of thermostats and testing instruments for radiant floor heating systems, to optimize performance and ensure maximum efficiency, safety, and energy saving. Domoteck’s thermostats are intended to control the floor temperature, heat on demand, and are always supplied with a floor sensor which will prevent the floor temperature from exceeding maximum temperature.
Overviews of Installation
WarmTouch Classic Mat
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WarmTouch Basic Mat
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WarmTouch WYT-N
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WarmTouch WYT-EL
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Wood Warming Mat
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Under Carpet Mat
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Classic Ribbon Mat
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Thermostat CU 543-STT
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Thermostat CU 111-S